Partners wanted to cycle around the Himalayan Mountains


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Nov 27, 2005
Hello to All –

Are you interested in a demanding but ever-rewarding tour through a cultural, geographical and political landscape?

Once again, the travel bug has bitten, and this time I am planning a bike trip around the Himalayan Mountains. The trip will start in early May ’06 and I am currently looking for partners to join this 6 (plus) month trip.

Cycling will start in Northern India and then ride on to Pakistan, China, and Tibet, Nepal then finally back into India. I am interested in exploring the regions visited with a relaxed attitude, interacting with the people and open to learning about the different cultures. The timetable is very open and the daily mileage will depend upon conditions. The route is also open to ideas, as research is continuing. Though, I am planning to arrive early and spend a couple of weeks in India, taking a language course, though, still researching this at the moment.

A little about myself: 29-year-old male from US, with experience in leading bike, hiking, and canoeing tours for at-risk kids. I have also completed many bike trips myself, twice across the US, once across Canada and eastern coast, and southern Nigeria. I had also spent 3 months in Northern India and Nepal in 2001. Age or gender of partner(s) is irrelevant. Just a sense of curiosity about this beautiful world we live in and an interest in a bike trip of epic proportions is needed.

Anyone interested in learning more or having suggestions can contact me at
[email protected].

Journey On


Wow! Now THAT sounds like a tour. :cool:

Good luck on your adventure!

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