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    Looking for riders in and around Pasadena. I will be out on the El
    Prieto Trail behind JPL on Thursday, July 22 from @1:30 to 4:00 pm on
    Thursday. This is a short trail about four miles that offers plenty of
    technical challenges. There is an additional 3/4 mile ride to the trail
    head on paved road.

    It is a in and out trip. There is a lot of hiking up and then ride
    down. The 90 plus heat will be a factor, but most of the trail is
    shaded. The hike up is worth the descent.

    I know most people can't make this ride time, due to jobs, but it's the
    only time I could swing. I figured I would post anyway. Weekend riding
    is almost an impossiblility this summer.

    If interested pm me.

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