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    Twittering One wrote:

    > This has NOTHING to do with ME!
    > I DON'T WANT TO hear
    > About your sexual use.

    This is usenet. Read it, delete it, plonk it, move on.


  2. Twittering One wrote:
    > ~ * Wallace Joseph Bond * ~
    > Jody' Father,
    > Who visited Jody & me
    > In Boston, ca. 1981

    Who is Jody?
  3. "After a Year ~

    And what if now I told you this, let's say
    By email. Would you imagine me
    Talking to myself in an empty room,
    Watching myself in the window talking,
    My fingers moving silently, birdlike,
    On the keyboard, or because superimposed
    On the screen, among the branches of my mind's
    Disenchanted Forest of Neurons?

    If I wrote you, told you, I almost died.
    I needed help. Would you answer me,
    Would you help me?

    Would you help me keep my life,
    Would you help me fight against those who harmed

    Or would you ignore me?
    Would you say, let it go ... No one harmed you,
    You did this to yourself?"
    ~ Sandy
  4. "If I have a story along the lines of McClatchy's poem-of meeting a
    poet who became, not a mentor exactly, but a model-then it would be
    the story of meeting Anthony Hecht at the West Chester Poetry

    Now that Hecht is gone (he died in October of last year), I cherish the
    memories of his teaching and reading more deeply than ever.

    Only last summer, Hecht spoke at the conference on a panel devoted to
    "Religion and Poetry."

    In a short, beautifully wrought, and carefully considered talk, he
    demonstrated how Thomas Hardy, that reputed skeptic, did not dismiss
    questions of faith but rather engaged them."

    ~ David Yezzi,
    >From "Anthony Hecht & Landscape"
  5. ". . . the noises suddenly stopped,
    And it got darker; pushcarts and people dissolved
    And even the great Farnese Palace itself
    Was gone, for all its marble; in its place
    Was a hill, mole-colored and bare. It was very cold,
    Close to freezing, with a promise of snow.
    The trees were like old ironwork gathered for scrap
    Outside a factory wall. There was no wind,
    And the only sound for a while was the little click
    Of ice as it broke in the mud under my feet.
    I saw a piece of ribbon snagged on a hedge,
    But no other sign of life. And then I heard
    What seemed the crack of a rifle. A hunter, I guessed;
    At least I was not alone. But just after that
    Came the soft and papery crash
    Of a great branch somewhere unseen falling to earth.

    And that was all, except for the cold and silence
    That promised to last forever, like the hill."

    ~ Anthony Hecht,
    >From "A Hill"
  6. "The words, as they came ~
    Came from you, from the woman, from the voice
    In the trees ~ "

    ~ J. D. McClatchy,
    >From "At a Reading"
  7. "Circa Circus
    1969 ~

    Spinning circles, arms reaching out,
    Describing wider and wider circles, other
    Worlds, I desired, 13 years, my dizzy orbit,
    My intoxication, my escape ...

    .... And then I heard
    What seemed the crack of a 45 pistol. An act of violence,
    I guessed. At least I was not alone.

    But just after that
    Came the dull and rumbling crash
    Of a wooden bureau somewhere, I guess, unseen
    Falling to a bedroom floor.

    And that was all, except for the warm June
    Air and silence
    That promised to last forever, but like life,
    Grew noisy too soon ...

    Mama screamed ...

    And like climbing a hill,
    Nothing would be easy for a long time."
    ~ Twittering
  8. ~ * ~
    More Trustworthy
    Morning Wood Productions & Publications
    ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    A Haunted House...
    "102 Laura Lane:
    A True Tale"

    ~ * ~

    "TK ~
    The Sequel:
    93 Waltham Street"
    A Truer Tale

    ~ * ~

    "Moore ~
    Morning Wood:
    Alive Deade Woode"

    The Real Tale, Pip!
    ~ * ~
    Yes ~ A Morning Wood
    Immortal Sub Interval Society
    * Dogging Arts * Fogging Minds * It's a Star *
    ~ * ~
  9. "Who is Jody?"
    ~ AB

    "Jonathon Edward Bond ~
    Cool, suave, daring, O so out of school ~ !"

    "O, don't you know ~ ?

    One of THE DeadE
    Back ~ Street Boyz Makin' Lots ~ a ~ Noyz,
    Who lived @ 93 Waltham Street

    With Twittering, ca. 1980, give or take
    A year or more, wolf bane, a silver stake,
    & other

    Conniving Capers Carving L'air,
    On The Top Stair,
    3rd Floor.

    Jody, O,
    Tall, thin, dark, handsome, A Heart's Ransom,
    If your trust'em."
    ~ Folly

    "O, Jody, very loyal boi.
    O, Jody, very sweet ~ talking boi, too."
    ~ Twittering
  10. 320 Sycamore Street.Not haunted.
  11. ELEGY XX.

    "COME, madam, come, all rest my powers defy ;
    Until I labour, I in labour lie.
    The foe ofttimes, having the foe in sight,
    Is tired with standing, though he never fight.
    Off with that girdle, like heaven's zone glittering,
    But a far fairer world encompassing."

    ~ John Donne
  12. ~ * Moonlight
    old mill
    Watermelon * ~

    "It's snowing."
    ~ Trefethen
  13. "Kermit ~
    Bon B de Jour ~ !"
    ~ Twittering

    "The frog thinks ... Mes amis ~ !
    Mon castle, votre castle.

    A frog he would a ~ wooing go,
    Bravely, a trellis, a garden topiary, Froggy climbs,
    Courting favor, bearing gifts of rhyme ~ !"
    ~ Blanc Toad

    "The Froggy thinks ... ~ O, of friends of My!
    Castle of My, castle of your. A frog that is a ~ courting to go,
    Bravely, a lattice,
    A garden topiary, to raise for Froggy,

    A Favor of Continuation, supporting gifts Of ~
    Of rhyme!"
    ~ Kermit

    "Inheriting the country, traveling very far
    >From The Ground of Thee ~ Of Alaska de Yaks!

    Recover Thee ~! Something very strange, I captured,
    Something very, very odd, no name, nevertheless,
    All sane, something that very strongly resembles

    A white rabbit upset by ~
    Of surplus time,

    Going to haste, too intelligent per half, clearly surplus
    Harried, too ~ Of surplus imposed time,
    Which pockets a watch of a drill of Tocking pocket

    To make tic TAC Tocking too much make tic TAC too
    Tocking drill make tic TAC Tocking to too much
    Open ~ Of Nyte of Clock of A,

    The Twittering One ~ !"
    ~ Trefethen
  14. "A simple single hand may letter,
    Or alter, to
    Hold, grasp ~ Or press inside a frame's page,
    The page frame, frame within page, or page framed,

    Recto, verso, free ~ standing display
    Inside the museum,
    For Eternal Fame, Self ~ Same Book of Life,
    Read, reread, told,

    Pulled off shelf,
    Held close, heart ~ bound,

    For tonight's bedtime story,
    Told on the second story mezzanine."
    ~ Etude

    "Heck, yeah ~ !"
    ~ Lettersnow,
    Aka, Twittering


    "...................................... Allo,
    Mum ~ ?
    Overwhelmed I am ..."
    ~ Twittering

  15. ~ * ~

    THE DeadE
    Back ~ Street Boyz Makin' Lots ~ a ~ Noyz,
    Who lived With Twittering,
    Ca. 1977 ~ 1983

    @ 93 Waltham Street
    3rd Floor
    Boston, Massachusetts 32561

    William Rourke
    John Dunlap
    Jody Bond
    Leonardo da Hooper
    Richard Kermit Adkins [Non ~ Deade]

    Brief Honorary
    Guests ...

    Tom Arsenault [Non ~ Deade]
    Elizabeth Walsh, Prima Opera
    Diva [Non ~ Deade]

    ~ * ~
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    Twittering One wrote:

    > "Through which I see you

    I can maybe see posting this to, but what's
    the deal with posting to alt.astronomy and rec.running? Are you just
    trying to annoy everyone?
  17. "Through which I see you,
    Lucid aperture."
    ~ Twittering

    "I can maybe see posting this to,
    But what's the deal with posting
    To alt.astronomy and rec.running?

    Are you just
    Trying to annoy everyone?"
    ~ Macelroy

  18. "Tell
    Elroy, too ~ !"
    ~ Twittering

    ~ * ELROY WAS HERE * ~
  19. "Elroy ~ Act Up, or
    Soda will kill you."
    ~ Folly

    ~ * ROCK CITY

    "During the World War II, the phrase 'Kilroy was here' began to appear
    wherever US troops were.

    It was often accompanied with the image of a face with a long nose and
    two big round eyes with small dot eyeballs peeking over a wall or a
    line representing a wall.

    Everything else, except sometimes his fingers gripping the top of the
    wall, was hidden behind the wall itself.

    Kilroy is a familiar image, whose origin is something of a mystery. In
    1946, the American Transit Association had a radio programme called ~

    Speak to America."
    ~ The BBC

    "Speak, Baby ~ Speak
    To them sneaking wolves sporting Apparently Sheep
    Apparel ..."
    ~ Fobby