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    Random passwords will now be emailed to users when they first register, i'm sick of getting bounced message because some dickhead decides to use a bogus email address. <br /><br />cheers!

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    Any users who's email bouces will be deleted.
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    Mar 11, 2002
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    Now that is a great idea.<br />I also go onto an australian forum and there has been a massive problem associated with not logging in. People had a zillion alias and just crapt on everyone.<br />A log-in was recently introduced in the last few days and the problem has all but ceased.<br />This idea takes it a step further for the better.<br />Well done!!<br /> ;D
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    The main issue is when people with bogus email addys post to a busy thread, i get a bounced reply each time a message is sent to alert them there has been a reply to the thread. Its not that much of a big deal, just annoying ;D<br /><br />cheers