Patellar Tendinitis- Any advice?



I have patellar tendinitis in my left knee. I was just wondering if any of you have experienced the condition. (I'm guessing maybe a few of you have) I have been riding every other day now, but the condition does not seem to be improving. I know the obvious solution is no riding :( , but was just curious what you vets had to say. Any treatment advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
mook, I think I have an article @ home that might provided you with some answers. I'll go scratch around when I get home and see what I can find.
Mook - I have had this in my right knee and still get a twinge from time to time. I still do strengthening excercises and stretch 6 or 7 days a week to prevent it. I have attached a short doc which the physio gave me, but it's hard to make out what the diagrams are trying to say...
There are tons of good websites which describe how the condition occurs.. I went to see a Sports Doctor and the Sports Physio and 1 visit to each put the whole thing right. They didn't bother with the electro wave thing that physios sometimes give to acute injuries - they just ordered me to rest off the bike, and concentrate on building the muscle around the tendon. Also, stay on the little ring and build back up slowly.
Basically, the physio ordered me to stretch well, and then do one exercise and do 30 reps, twice a day. The exercise is not on this sheet, but I did many of the exercises on this sheet aswell. It involves standing on a step of a staircase, and lowering the good leg to the lower step so all of your body weight is loaded on the bad tendon. Sounds painful,.... and it is in the beginning, but it is very effective and I no longer have it. I had to lay off the bike for 5 weeks to cure it. Also, Ice it every night... don't exercise after icing it!

In short - see a Sports Physio ASAP and bring the bike with you in case he/she wants to look at your position. She recommended I put down the saddle a little and she was right to - she was able to tell by the location of the pain that my saddle height was probably too high.

Anyway here's the doc - good luck.

PS - Having trouble uploading the doc... I will email it to you.


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