(Peace offeringI repeat offer to Mitchel Sprinsky (Peace offering)I'll teach you to clear "the wall"



I repeat Mitchel Sprinsky, I will excell your MTB skills to a
permanent advanced level, if you apologize for your war-making for
another person, and you compensate me - but only after you actually
achieved the skills I guarantee.

I will teach you the necessary skills and modify your pre-existing
skills to clear the Wall at Deer Creek Canyon, of which once you clear
this obstacle, you will never again fear any MTB trail obstacle

Your weight does not matter but your understanding of your weight
does. You can't seem to get this into your head, and those people from
the "elite" circles obviously can't teach you how to reassess your
physics regarding yoru weight.

I won't pick on you during my training.

Just think Mitchel, you could follow any of your many associate homeys
as fast as they go, once I train you and you see yourself clear "the
wall", you will see your fear is your doing and you had it all along.

Respond publically in the forum if you're interested, I like helping
feminists become masculine when they can't help themselves....


Just think Ride-A-Lot, you would (and I solidly guarantee it because I
understand your body and physics better than you do) clear this,
guaranteed after my instruction. Forever onward you will be an
advanced biker craving to experience advanced trails - seeking the
advanced trails instead of the wussy ones you do now.

Either this with little effort and great feeling of conquest!

Or this and me mocking you til you want to ring my neck! BAM BAM BAM!

I'll teach you to get right down it Sprinsky, with no payment to me
until you achieve it

Effortless domination of it! no payment is due til you achieve all I

"Mitchel Sprinsky flew down with no problem!!!!"

"No problem for Mitchel Sprinsky!!, he dominated it!!"


"Easy as hell for Mitchel!!"

I'll teach you to go down the left side Sprinsky, I went down it at
15MPH with little effort!