Peas and corn kernels for health and energy


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Feb 3, 2018
Green Peas has a decent amount of antioxidants and other health giving nutrients. They're also filled with protein and fiber. Corn on the other hand also has its fair share of antioxidants including Lutein which promotes eye health.

Combining the two in a dish makes a delicious and nutritious meal. One can also put in other vegetables and meats.
Wow! This must be a delicacy that someone can try and feel how good that it is. I have always been in that situation where I can get to eat fine since it is how that I eat will help in the future.
I usually have boiled corn with steak but I haven’t eaten green peas for a long time. Maybe I should add green peas on my list because it is readily available in supermarkets here and not expensive. With the corn, I buy the fresh corn and I seldom eat the canned corn because I want to avoid the preservatives.
One simple green peas and corn dish I love preparing involves spam. Just cube some of your fave spam variant , I use the bacon flavored spam, sauteed it in butter with some chopped white onions, mix in peas and corn. It's just 5 minutes to prepare and cook.
Peas, corn, and carrots are my favorite sides when eating any meal for lunch or dinner, and I can even eat them as a snack. They're very versatile and you can mix them with other dishes to improve the meal.
One of my fave snacks are meat pies and to make a quick one I'll just sauteed some peas, corn kernels, carrots which I can buy all mixed up in the supermarket. I would then add a can of Corned Beef and cubed cheese. With some puff pastry dough and a microwave, I can make single portion meat pies in 30 minutes or less.