Pedal adjustment

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I was adjusting my Look pedals yesterday to make it easier to clip in. I did this because I am
starting to ride with faster groups who tend to make green lights into a drag race of sorts. I
adjusted the pedals real loose so that they clip in very easy. Then to test them I did some hills
and some out of saddle climbing and some fast acceleration on the flats with mostly upstrokes. No
problems. This seem too good to be true. Am I missing something? How do you know if your pedals are
too loose?


Chris Zacho "Th

When you start unclipping when you don't want to.

The tension knob has nothing to do with how strongly the pedal grips the cleat, that remains
primarily unchanged. It does adjust the amount of force required to let you twist out of it.

May you have the wind at your back. And a really low gear for the hills! Chris

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