"Pedal" (documentary on NYC bike messengers) on Sundance channel

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  1. Probably old news, but this documentary is
    about the NYC bike messengers who speed
    through traffic. Most of them ride fixies, and
    one has only one leg (and rides a fixie).

    These guys all do great trackstands...

    One of the guys who rides a multispeed
    bike (with a freewheel) did a very good
    wheelie and was in full control (like unibiker).

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    I can't watch the docu as I don't have that channel; but it sounds
    interesting- can you briefly say why they use 'fixies'? (presumably
    fixies are single speed and no freewheel).

    I'm wondering what the technical pros are of using fixies in that

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    cool,as a former messenger in 3 citys i would love to see it. but i dont
    have cable tv.

    onewheeldave wrote:
    > *I'm wondering what the technical pros are of using fixies in that
    > situation. *

    they are the most anti-theft kind of byke you can ride. the combination
    of no fancy componates or freewheel make lousy resale value.

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    I can't speak for the messengers, but I think some of them use "fixies"
    because they are track racers. The messenger work is training.

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