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  1. ya i started to ride my torker today and when i was riding i kept
    feeling a popping in my pedal, i tried taking my crank off and taking my
    pedal off and tightening everything and loosening everything but
    nothings working. has anybody had that happen to them or heard of it
    happening?? all help appreciated

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  3. my torker Lx does the same thing i think its a torker pedal thing, their
    ok for simple stuff but i think they wear pretty quickly. try taking
    them off and greasing them up esp around the pedals ......spinny part
    (for lack of a better word) ...axel?...bearing deally? o well try some
    grease if that doesnt work i guess their are too choices get some new
    pedals or ignor the little annoying clicky sounds.

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