Pedal Removal


New Member
Nov 29, 2009

I just got some clipless pedals. Problem is one of the original pedals will not come off. It will not budge! I was able to remove the left side. The right side is refusing to move. Is there anything out there to apply to the bold to get it a bit more loose. If not then my bolt removing experience tells me that excessive force is needed. Im new to bikes so im not sure what kind of stress everything can take. Are there any extreme but safe methods at this point?
First be sure you are turning it in the correct direction. Remember one side has reverse threads. I usually spay on an anti-seize compound and let it sit for few hours. I then apply heat. I have found that a simple propane torch that you use for soldering copper pipes does an excellent job if you are careful with it.
A heat gun can also be effective.