Pedals and shoes...


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Feb 10, 2004
Ive been cycling for a bit over a year now, doing about 18miles a day (to and from school) on an Treck Alpha Series but. Im loving it but I've been thinking of geting new pedals and some shoes... atm im using the pedals it came with and trainers... can n e one help w/ a cheap and easy set up?
How much are you looking to spend?
I use Look pedals and always have done, I like the feeling of having something below your foot but they can be a bit of a pain learning how to clip your feet into.
I will be able to find you something when you tell me how much you want to spend.


Preferably i'd like to spend as little as possible, but i can probably get about £100, maybe a bit more... what you think?
What sort of riding are you interested in? Are you going to be racing or is it just for recreational use?

Um, atm its just for recreation, but i'd like to get into triathlon eventualy... sounds weird but i'd like to give it a try...
If you have the road version of the Alpha Series I wold go for the Look PP247 Pedals which come with a pair of Red (floating) cleats which are £30,

And the Nike Cipressa Shoes which are £39.99
Pedal choice is a highly personal issue I've noticed. When out riding with a bunch of cyclists, you rarely find any two sets of pedals or shoes the same.

Currently, I am using Shimano PDR-600's (about £60) and Diadora ALU shoes (about £90) on my bestest bike, but on my other two road frames I actually use the Shimano M515 MTB pedals (about £30) and some bog-standard MTB shoes (they are a hell of a lot easier to walk in when you get off the bike).

I like the PDR600's because they have a very wide platform and a decent float so you can get the power down easily, but the MTB pedal & shoe combo works equally well if you are just tootling round and actually get off the bike now and again.
All of my bikes have Look A3.1 pedals on them and I have a pair of SIDI Genius 4 shoes and a pair of John Luk's which I use for my turbo trainer.
I'm thinking of changing my choice of pedals but I would have to change them all. :(