Pedals and shoes



Okay I'm going to buy some pedals but which ones ?

Most of the time I read about SPD I hear about knee problems :( are they that bad ?

Can anybody recommend any others for a beginner roadie (when do I stop being a beginner, my average mileage is now 45miles is that far enough to drop the beginner tag ?).

I've read about Look and Speedplay but I don't know the difference ??? , whilst I'm at it can anybody recommend some cheap shoes.
Laz, I've got Look PP206 ( pedals. They are much better than the SPD's I had before. I found them more comfortable (believe it or not) as the contact area between my foot, the shoe, the cleat and the pedals are bigger. My SPD-R's gave me a burning sensation on the ball of my foot after riding for 2+ hours (not very nice!).

My shoes are Shimano SH-R072's ( The desicion was made based only on the price of the shoes.
I'm a Time man through and through. Used to suffer with sore knees until I changed to the Time system.

The advantage is in the movement - Look etc give you an 'arc' which is a fixed front position and the rear rotates around it. Time is a 'floating' cleat which allows front and rear to move (you can even move a few millimetres sideways).

It's an expensive system but worth it in my eyes.

Another (and much cheaper) solution to knee problems - stretching, stretching and stretching....I only learnt this about 18 months ago.....after 12 years of cycling!!!
I'm a speedplay woman! (Frogs are MTB of course).

The Pros: FLOAT - the most float of any pedal; weight: nice and light; zero tension which makes knee pain all but disappear (assuming you have your cleats properly adjusted)

The Cons: none that I can think of - but I'm biased.

Ewep I think I'm with you on the shoes, it going to be the price that will be the big factor and obviously because of the fit, it will have to be something that I'll buy at my local LBS.

The pedals I think I'll get cheaper online I been buying some gear from & Pedal Accessories&sol=1 and I've been happy, but I'll still look around for a better bargain ;D

Another thing I like to ask is now that I'm used to the bike and try to keep my speed up going around corners by pedalling, I often find that the pedal hits the ground. Will buying clipless pedals give me a lot more clearance ?
I often find that the pedal hits the ground. Will buying clipless pedals give me a lot more clearance ?

Is that a road bike thing? Is that normal?

I don't know!
Is that a road bike thing?  Is that normal?

I don't know!

yup completely normal - my Time pedals started with 36 degree clearance and are up to about 40 degrees (tarmac is quite abrasive).

Clipless pedals will not necessarily give you more clearance - compare the old and the new pedals before going for a ride to avoid 'moments'!
Okay I think it's safe to say that Spd's should be my last option.

"Moment's" is to nice a word ;D
I also use to ride with SPDs but when the little clip broke I went back to Look style pedals. I settle for the Exus E-1s. They are not the lightest but they are very cheap and use exactly the same cleat as Look. From the newbie side I will not recomend SPD's purely for the bad entry. They are not perfectly waighted so that the back drops and you will have to look down alot to get clipped in.

Ah well, that's my opinion anyway. Good luck on your search.
Mmm, thought I'd tag onto L-g's thread and question whether anyone has seen either speedplay's or eggbeaters in SA? and more importantly what they cost here? (want a crossover MTB/Road pedal). Nogal, are spd's that bad? My spinning class has only spd based pedals (other than toe straps) so it would be useful to use these.\