Pedals,clipless, Toe Clip, Or Platform


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Oct 17, 2015
Does anyone change their pedals to match their different types of riding, I use clipless pedals on my road bikes, but I'll only ride those on open road, I have a hybrid bike that is use in the inner city and find that I frequently have to get off the pedals quickly, so I just use platform pedals, I am concidering changing to a toe clip pedal for the city rides on my hybrid, and perhaps one of my road bikes, does anyone change their pedals to match the traffic conditions, I have never used toe clip pedals, but they seem as if I would be able to get off the pedals quickly with this style pedal...any feedback would be helpful.
I am using Shimano SPD cleats and pedals all the time and like them. I've had a problem one time when I wasn't paying close attention to traffic ahead of me and I had to both stop and unclip fast. The tip of my seat helpfully jammed right in my crotch as I unclipped. Ho ho. The second time was when I did a 10 mile ride to a local research facility and I didn't expect the group of facility employees at the parking lot entrance who were handing out prize tickets for free. I was asked to stop and I sure did! It was a little trouble to unclip. This all happened through my own inattention.

I think it is probably best for me to just stick with one pedaling system. I do plan to experiment with Speedplay and Look cleats and pedals.