hi everyone, nice forum :) I've used shimano spd pedal for about the 2 maybe 3 years. But i'm thinking of buying something different, i've noticed most people in my club use look or time pedals

which is best out of these brands?

thanks in advance
Welcome to the forums Jake :) I use Look, always have probably always will 8)

IMO Look and Time are the only pedals to consider.

;D I dont know i just know i use look and look seem to work for me though iv been through 1 set of cleats 1 set of cleat covers and nealy through my second cleats also the hole in the shoe where they cleats screw in seems worn out and must of been striped when they put it in with the electric screw driver :'( iv had it 10 months)
Time is the best if you can afford it. The reason is that the foot is a lot closer to the pedal axel which makes performance and pedal dynamics marginly better. The cleats also last longer than Look's.

That said I use Look and have no complaints other than a horrible squeaking noise between the cleat and the pead since I got caught int he rain.
Sean...i agree with you. I recently got a new pair of look pedals, and although it might be psychological, it feels like i'm losing power???
But i do find the looks easier to clip out of than the times
my new shimanos broke quickly. i'm thinking about look or time (when something's on sale)

~the turtle
speedplay pedals are pretty much tops. I liek the frogs over the regular speedplay pedals. You can get shoes you can walk in and keep your feet warm but still ahve a great pedal. after a few days use I fall into them. double sided and light.
I'm a Speedplay advocate too. It's hard to beat the Speedplay features: double-sided entry, a durable cleat, twice the float of its competitors, well-priced, and all in one of the lightest packages on the market.