Peirce Co(seattle area) Valentines Day Challenge info

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Penny S.

Round & Round is passing this information on to you from JF2 Racing:

Dear mountain bike enthusiasts,

On February 5th, after several months of patiently waiting for approval for our request to hold the
11th annual Valentine¹s Challenge in Steilacoom Park, Pierce County Parks denied it. The news was
very disappointing, but not surprising. This has been an ongong issue for quite sometime. In brief,
the major problem in the park appears to be damage to vegetation and trees. Over the last decade of
riding in the park, I have personally witnessed this damage and agree that something needs to be
done. However, it is very clear to me that responsible riding and or racing is not the problem. What
to do about irresponsible users is the real question.

On February 23rd, JF2 Racing is planning a group function at Steilacoom Park in place of the race.
The focus of the day will be to answer questions and find solutions to our ongoing trail closure
problems. I hope to have a representative of the park available to discuss these issues. A group fun
ride and prize raffle will follow. Please watch the JF2 Racing website for updates and
more details.

I am currently working on plans to move the Valentine¹s Challenge back to Tahuya for 2004. We
welcome your thoughts on this. Please write to [email protected].

Thanks for supporting our race in the past, and we hope you will still join us in Steilacoom
on the 23rd.

Kevin Hornback JF2 Racing

Please forward this to anyone who you think might be interested.
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