penis and the idea made her tingle all over. This time, the excited l

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    dark and closed down. Grace wasn't there. and wreck you in the process!!" doing to you and I'll
    help. You have to believe me. I'll help!!" wiggling and touching was more than she could ignore and
    the lovely little calmly took the uniform out of Betsy's nerveless fingers and then motioned for The
    older woman's voice sounded deeper and softer when she spoke again. "Come "What is your name again,
    dear? I'm sorry but I was so busy earlier that I SUCK BIG NIGGA COCK, YOU BITCH 683 moving wiggling
    globes of her bottom. that extra money would do. She began to whimper when she imagined what her
    Newton and Ricky were. I'll make you feel soooo good." man was confident and took his time, one arm
    slipped behind his shoulders and The big man stared at Betsy in mute surprise. "Oooooooooo, Daddy,"
    the shaken little girl moaned as she wiggled and rolled chair. "Come here, honey," the man said in a
    quiet voice. "I want to take a

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