Penny Farthing man heading your way


Peter McCallum

While I was working last Sunday I looked out the window to see a guy
riding a penny farthing with what looked like camping gear strapped to
the frame. This story from the Mackay Daily Mercury explains a few

Out magpies add to big wheel adventure


MARKINGS on his tattered and worn helmet tell the story of an adventure
of a lifetime ó travelling the world on a penny-farthing.

From Europe to Australia, Joff Summerfield, London, has been chased by
vicious dogs, arrested five times by a foreign army, robbed and broken
his wrist, elbow, leg and arm, but each time heís got back on the bike
to continue an epic journey through 20 countries.

His helmet bears at truck tyre mark from when he fell off the big bike
in Greece - now magpies have left an indelible mark of his visit to

"I've been around the world and the only thing Iíve had to be careful of
in Mackay is the magpies,'' he said.

Averaging 1600km a month, Mr Summerfield, 38, reached his 6600km,
arriving in Mackay on Sunday from Cairns. Next week he will continue on
to Tasmania for the Penny-Farthing World Championships in February.

The amazing adventure began on May 1 when he set off to ride around the
world on the replica of a 130 year old penny-farthing he built three
years ago.

Driven by a love of vintage automobiles and the travel bug, he has since
experienced the long and winding, twisting, turning and sometimes rocky
roads of 11 countries.

"I rode to Amsterdam and then decided what sillier way to see the world
than this.''

Peter McCallum