Penrith to Richmond


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Dec 24, 2003
Anyone experienced in travelling from Penrith to Richmond? My bike map shows me that the Northern Road has on-road facilities but the Castlereagh Road seem to follow the Nepean River and should be more interesting. I'm not interested in the fastest route. I'd prefer something more scenic and relatively safe. Should I stick with the Northern road?


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Jul 16, 2006

I ride that road quite regularly and its not too bad. No bike lane, unlike the Northern Road, but a reasonable amount of room and most cars are patient and used to going around cyclists. It is also quite scenic, Agnes Banks and Castlereagh itself are quite nice.

Castlereagh Road is not as rough as The Northern Road either, and is even better after the new work was done bypassing the road that used to go behind the regatta centre. In Richmond, the road brings you out at the traffic lights at the KFC.

I sometimes do a Windsor, Richmond, Penrith, Windsor loop - its a pretty flat and reasonbably safe 50km loop.

Sorry to jabber on so much - hope it helps

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