People Really Tick Me OFF

Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Craignixon, Jan 28, 2004.

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    I first appologise for my advert. Sorry! no harm was meant.

    It makes me laugh at how many people i meet that are overwieght, unfitt, have astma, or other aches
    and pains, dont do anything to help themselves and all they can do is go running to the doctors
    complaining, now dont get me wrong i do respect the work that doctors do, but i'm talking about your
    local doctors. Doctors that seem to just prescribe drugs so they can meet there targets?.

    These people could start listning to others or go searching on the internet for other advice but
    that would be to much hard work! and thats what TICKS me off, because i get tired of hearing them
    winge! and they won't do anythig to help themselves.

    My father has really bad joints and has done for many years he could probebly do with new knees but
    this will not happen because he just can't afford it, but he was told by a friend that one of the
    biggest causes of arthritis is Weat, and they put weat in vertualy everything these days, his
    friend told hime to cut down on Bread and Pastery. he did this and he started eating Riveters
    instead of bread and cut down on bun's and biscuits. He still suffers a bit but not as bad as he
    used to and it's all thanks to listning to other people. he now takes herbel tablets that can help
    build cartlige.

    The advert that i posted yesterday was not meant to anoy anyone but if you are all so keyed up on
    health then take a look in the cupboard under the sink, all those chemicals you are using are not
    good for you or the enviroment. The last time you used Bleach to clean your toilet did it make your
    eyes hurt? or did the fumes going up your nose get to much for you?, i'm sure thats not healthy!,
    all i do is offer natural alternatives!!

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    CraigNixon wrote:

    > I first appologise for my advert. Sorry! no harm was meant.

    And then you follow that statement with ANOTHER spam for your useless products.

    Your insincerity and dishonesty are noted. Someone would have to be very foolish to do business with
    someone as untrustworthy as you.
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    In article <[email protected]>,
    [email protected] (CraigNixon) wrote:

    > I first appologise for my advert. Sorry! no harm was meant.

    And then you go on to talk about your advertisement again, in the hopes of getting people to
    look it up.

    This is not a commercial newsgroup.

    Go away, spammer.


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    [email protected] (CraigNixon) wrote in message
    news:[email protected]:

    > I first appologise for my advert. Sorry! no ha<SNIP>

    I first apologise for my suspicion, but that post again originates from Google.