People screaming from cars

Pendejo said:
Damn, Alien, I was getting more excited as I read, because I felt sure the punchline was going to be something along the lines of "so I pulled out the muon lasertron I'd cobbled together in the lab and vaporized them and their car."

You let me down.

By the way, here in Florida if you feel physically threatened by anyone anywhere, you can use lethal force against them and not break the law.

Well, as it happens I don't carry a gun or even own one.

Besides, anyone can pull a trigger.

Also, as it happens, my particle accelerator is too large to be weaponized at this point.
alienator said:
It's always fun when the car driver's tack changes from yelling to more overt agression. Once, in Ohio, I was yelled at by 4 guys in a rusty, white Pinto, on a country road. For the feriners, here's a pinto (although not a rusty one):


Of course, given they car they were driving, I knew they were NASCAR fans (they even had a confederate flag in the window) and likely drunk from all the Red, White, and Blue they consumed. This is Red, White, and Blue:


Drinking Red, White, and Blue often results in poor decision making:


So, the Pinto drove away, but apparently they weren't satisfied with their accomplishments, so they came back, driving next to me, forcing me off the road. They did this again, and again, and again, over the course of a half hour. Cell phones weren't an option then, and there weren't any safe place to go in the middle of cornfields.
Cornfields in Arizona?

I half expected that you going to say that you pulled down a huge cactus and beat them upside the head with it, stole their car keys and rode off into the distance...

I've not had any 'fun' like that since I left England. Years ago some fat f#$k once tried to push a friend and I off the road. My friend threw a waterbottle at the guy to get him to stop and while he was waddling down the road to vent I took his keys and let him know that I'd taken them so he could see me drop them down a drain... Strength in numbers.

That's rather less aggressive than a friend who was knocked off his bike by a bus in city traffic. Three bus stops later, blood pouring down his arm, he gets on the bus just as the last person in the line got on, yelled abuse at the driver then turned around to tell the passengers what he'd done and them punched him in the face. Twice.
Despite having professional drivers, buses seem to run over a lot of pedestrians and cyclists.
My personal favorite is when they pull up behind you until their front bumper is about level with your rear wheel and then suddenly L E A N on the horn.

For no reason.

They like to do this to inline skaters, too, when applicable.

I have the advantage of having grown up in one of those rude & congested European cities where stuff like that is so common and everyday, it just bounces off of me with no effect.