Perpetuem vs accelerade

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    Hello... I have been a big fan of Hammer products for a couple years. I have used Heed, Gel and many of there supplements. I was also using Perpetuem occaisionaly with success. Recently I started training for a 4 day ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. My plan was to consume Perpetuem as my sole fuel source. As I began using perpetuem on my 100 mile training rides I started to have a few problems. 1st: I could not seam to get hydrated. after a few hours I would develop a very dry mouth and could not feel quinched. 2nd: the hydrating was worse at my original dose of 2.25 scoops an hour, but when I dropped down to 2 scoops an hour I felt under fueled late in my ride, and still felt dehydrated. I did feel that at 2.25-2.5 scoops an hour (recomended amount for my weight) that I was properly fueled, and I liked the convenience of one bottle for fuel and hydration...
    I just bought a container of accelerade and would like to hear feedback from people who have used both. Can accelerade be used as perpetuem can for your "sole fuel source" for full day efforts? based on nutrition facts comparrisons they line up pretty close. Accelerade has a lot more protien and sugar. the carbs are fairly close....
    NUTRITION FACTS: Perpetuem
    Serving Size - 2 rounded scoops (69 g)
    50 cc scoop = 3.4 tablespoons or 10.1 teaspoons
    Calories from Fat20
    Total Fat2 g
    Saturated Fat0.5 g
    Total Carbohydrates54 g
    Dietary Fiber0 g
    Sugars7 g
    Protein6 g
    Calcium243 mg
    Phosphorus (as Sodium Tribasic Phosphate)344 mg Iodine0.03 mg Magnesium11 mg Copper1 mg Chromium (as Chromium Polynicotinate)100 mcg Sodium231 mg Potassium156 mg L-Carnosine100 mg Carnitine (as L-Carnitine Tartrate)50 mg Choline (as Choline Bitartrate)50 mg Maltodextrin, Soy Isolates, Energy Smart®, Lecithin, Dreamsicle Flavor, Sodium Tribasic Phosphate, L-Carnosine, L-Carnitrine Tartrate, Choline Bitartrate, and ChromeMate®, brand Chromium Polynicotinate

    Double for comparison
    Ingredients for accelerade
    Serving Size: 1 Scoop
    Amount Per Serving:
    Calories: 120
    Calories From Fat: 10
    Total Fat: 1g 1%
    Saturated Fat: 0g 0%
    Cholesterol: 10mg 3%
    Sodium: 190mg 8%
    Potassium: 65mg 2%
    Total Carbohydrate: 21g 9%
    Dietary Fiber: 0g 0%
    Sugars: 20g
    Protein: 5g
    Vitamin A: 0%
    Vitamin C: 100%
    Calcium: 4%
    Iron: 0%
    Vitamin E: 100%
    Magnesium: 30%

    Ingredients: Sucrose, Whey Protein Concentrate, Fructose, Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Lecithin, Natural Flavor, Magnesium Oxide Vitamin E Acetate, Ascorbic Acid, L-Arginine, Monopotassium phosphate, FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Yellow 6.

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    looks like the Hammer is less sugar....but they advertise being diabetic friendly....also looks a little healthier ingredient wise