Persistent Knee Pain

Discussion in 'Health Nutrition and Supplements' started by Paul70, May 1, 2005.

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    Dec 5, 2004
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    I have been cycling for several years but in the last 12 months have been having severe problems with my knees: last year I had a particularly intense summer of cycling.

    After prolonged cycling ( more than 3 hrs). I get severe pain in(usually the left) knee but sometimes in both knees.It comes on very quickly and very suddenly i can no longer even walk! When i get off the bike, lifting the leg over the top bar is agony in the knee joint. For about 12 hours it is painful, especially when descending the stairs. However, on a brighter note it always seem to clear up after 12 hours and I can soon swim, run and cycle for 1-2 hours. But as soon as I increase to 3-4 hours it comes right back.
    I have tried to rest for a couple of weeks, applying ice, taking ani-inflammatories etc and then creep back into cycling by spinning low gears and gradually building up the milage. I even stopped all excercise for one month and then tried to build up again. I haven't climbed a hill in months. However, after going through this process I still can't cycle for more than 3 hrs without the pain coming back.Usually its the right knee.I circuit train once a week( nothing new have done for years).

    As mentioned, I was guilty of over training last summer and for awhile I developed very tight hamstrings and calves, and also a tight piriformis. These problems have eased off very slowly over the last year through stretching and rest, but have never really cleared up 100%.

    Have seen physios who don't seem to be able to diagnose it ( disappointing!). I have been given a stretching programme which i follow every day, but 12 months later still no real improvement. Have not changed my bike for the last 2 years.I am 35 years old.

    Can anyone diagnose this? Is it patellar tendonitis? Or Chrondomalacia? I don't think its ITB. Ive read about "Runners' Knee" and the symptoms sound pretty similar.
    Should i stop all sport for a few months?
    Why won't it clear up!!??

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    I suggest you go get an MRI to see what's going on in there. I've found this site quite helpful with my knee journey

    glucosamine + chondroitin along with some ibuprofen help me.

    good luck!
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    It's hard to say what the root cause would be, but I'm guessing its the intensity that you mentioned first up.

    Does your training regime provide adequate rest and recovery? If you're attacking every ride hard then your body is going to find it very difficult to adapt.

    You also need to supplement your rides with stretching and massage, and every ride should have decent warm up and warm down periods.

    And finally fluids. Do you know for sure that your are taking in enough fluids on your rides. Weigh yourself before you start and again afterwards. Subtract your finishing weight from your starting weight. The difference is your fluid deficiency (if your finishing wight is more than your starting weight then you're taking on plenty of fluids).


    The problem could also be with your bike fit. There could be something slightly out of kilter with what your body needs, and on longer rides the minute niggle becomes an inflamation. It could be something as simlpe as the position or angle of the cleats on your shoes.