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Aug 3, 2012
Hi there everyone,
I vowed when I bought a scooter at 16 that I was done with cycling. However, I bought a bike in my early twenties mostly to ride with the dogs but never quite got round to getting fit on it. Then I got fat(ter), for a couple of years and barely rode at all. Now, i'm nearly 30, back down to 14.5stone (200lbs) and several of my mates have entered a 60km (40mile) mtb ride/race called the Breacon Beast (google it if you wanna know more).
After a month or so of talking myself out of it, I have decided to enter with them. There are 6 weeks remaining to train from scratch!
I am the least naturally fit of the group and am fully anticipating being last. However, whilst I dont want to beat them, I do want to keep up.
They've been traing for 6 weeks or so now but only sparodically I believe.
Anyway, last week I finally pumped up my tyres and set off to see what I had in the tank. I'm sticking to roads at the moment as it is my legs/engine rather than technical ability i'm worried about.
I've got quite hooked on a time trial route which i've been using as a means of pushing myself to ride faster each day.
So far i've done the following;
Day one- did around 13 miles. Was very tired. Took just over an hour.
Day two- did 20 miles
Day three- same 20 miles, beat yesterdays time.
Day four- same 20 miles, beat time. Average 14.1mph
Day five- found a mile long 16% gradient hill about 10miles away, rode there to the bottom, then rode up and back home 20 miles total for a 12mph average.
Day six- Back to original 20 mile loop- Average 14.5mph, 1min20
Today- Did a 10 mile loop close to home but made myself power up the hills.
Tomorrow- Gonna spend the afternoon doing several hours- not planned a route yet.
Then Sunday, rest day.

So, how does this shape up for a first weeks training?
I'm planning to spend five weeks building on this until i'm doing 25-30 miles a night before spending the last week mtb'ing in local woods to get used to riding in dirt (not done it since childhood).
Any hints, tips, tricks or links to good threads much appreciated! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
To put things in perspective... if you can train at thirty miles (your nearly there already).... you should be able to do the 40. The only thing I can think of you might be missing is the value of experience. My advice is try to ride at least one time in the dirt with and experienced mountain bike cyclist familiar with the Breacon Beast.... if possible. Being nearly thirty means still in your twenties.... you should be plenty healthy enough, and tough enough to do this. You'll regret not trying this if you pass it up now. You have my encouragement!
Thanks Dave!
I've been thinking that 40 miles of muddy, steep welsh mountainsides are going to ride more like 60 road miles.
My friend did it last year (the fittest of our group) and it took him 6 1/2 hours. I'd hope to achieve 65 road miles in that time so thats what i'm aiming at. (I've got lots of off-road muddy trails nearby I could train on but i figure there's no point trashing my chain and bearings and getting plastered in mud every night when I can just ride on the road ;) )
I'm off out this afternoon to try and do 50 miles. Have to see what my average will be ;)
Just finished my afternoon ride.
50.6 miles
13.8 mph average
All on road- really enjoyed it all don't feel too dead :)
Originally Posted by Crosshair .

Just finished my afternoon ride.
50.6 miles
13.8 mph average
All on road- really enjoyed it all don't feel too dead :)
You'll do great!