Peter sagan to race mtb

Always interesting to see someone leave the mountain bike scene, then come back. I'd expect him to place pretty well considering he was pretty good as a junior and won some championships. Did Specialized already sponsor him prior to this for his road races? Did they just start sponsoring him for MTB?
That's my thoughts exactly, and if a rider leave's then comes back, it's usually because they feel that they have something to prove in the sport still.

I'd say he'd be definitely a rider to look out for, but there are a lot these days that you can say that about as the sport is going through a bit of a high at the moment.
He still has a promising career ahead and has proven his talent over the bike in several tours and junior championships. Great news He returns to his roots, and I bet he will perform neatly. Although I don't think he will come out of the whole thing unscathed.
I'm not sure that this is a sport where any rider expects to come out unscathed, but I understand what you mean.

Time moves on, and while he's certainly still got the ability, other riders are a lot more competitive and skilled aswell so all in all, it should lead to even more thrills for the viewers to watch, and that's what the sport needs to grow.

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