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    You might have noticed some changes at PEZ; like the big wide photos on the ‘Roadside’ reports, well now it’s time for EuroTrash to go BIG, we hope you like it? Breaking news: ‘TOP STORY’ It’s not just cycling in the doping news. Results and video from Luxembourg and Berlin, plus we preview the Dauphin. In other cycling news: The Giro in Numbers, MTN-Qhubeka Tour team and more accolades for Stephen Cheung’s hydration paper. A very BIG EuroTrash Thursday. TOP STORY: Not Just Cycling?It seems that doping in sport is not just on two wheels! As the general public were getting used to kicking cycling as the worst sport for drugs, along comes the BBC and they make an in-depth documentary highlighting drug use in athletics. In the Panorama program ‘Catch me if you Can’ aired on Wednesday, it was claimed that coach, Alberto Salazar, has been accused of violating anti-doping rules and he was involved in doping US record holder Galen Rupp, in 2002 as well as others. The accusations of systematic doping, micro dosing and the falsification of TUE forms sounded so familiar. Salazar is now one of the world’s most successful coaches and is the head coach at the prestigious Nike running camp based in Portland, Oregon, Salazar has worked with GB Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah since 2011 and has coached his training partner Rupp for 14 years. His coaching philosophy involves intensive training and the use of the latest scientific techniques.All parties deny any wrong...

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