Pezcyclingnews: Fan View: London 6 Days 2015


Jan 3, 2005
We’ve heard from Ed Hood working in the bowels of the London ‘6 Days’ in his Part 1 and Part 2, so now it’s time to hear from a fan in the velodrome. Here’s what Sam Larner’s first visit to the wooden track looked like. I have to confess, two weeks ago, I was a 6 day virgin. The idea of watching cycling and drinking beer appealed to me but Id always combined it with the sunny climbs of the Tour de France rather than the hot, sweaty velodromes of Europe. After getting a free ticket for all 6 days I decided to head down to the London Olympic Velodrome and get stuck into the atmosphere of the event.Its important to note first that the velodrome is miles away from anywhere. Its stuck in the middle of the Olympic Park, which during the Olympics was bustling with people and excitement, but away from that occasion its just a big venue in the middle of nowhere. The other issue is that the events started at 17:30 which was far too early for most people to get there, but I guess they had to have it all finished in time for people to get home before the tube stops.The immediate problem I found when I got into the velodrome was the atmosphere… no smell of cooking meat, no smell of smoke and beer fumes. Like a lot of things in British cycling it was overly sanitised with 5 pints and vegetable curries rather...

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