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Jan 3, 2005
Film Review: Ed Hood loves the Tour de France, adores the Giro, infatuated with the Classics and is bereft if he can’t go to the World Championships, but in the ‘normal’ World he loves going to the cinema. So what better mix than a cycling movie? The new Lance Armstrong film was his choice flick of week-end – here is what he thought of the ‘Block Buster’.He’s back!Yup, Plano’s finest is with us again; no, no, it’s not another comeback – if you remember, the last one didn’t go quite to plan. It started out not bad at all with a return to the Tour podium but then Floyd popped up – all that Mennonite guilt finally getting the better of him – and instead of the podium, Lance landed up on Oprah’s chair.Lance on the Oprah chairNope, this one isn’t on a Trek, it’s on the silver screen.‘The Program’ is the name of the movie and we got ourselves along to Edinburgh Filmhouse to see it on Saturday night. The fact that the whole Lance Saga is now filed under; ‘who gives a rat’s backside’ is underscored by the fact that the film was shown on Screen Three, the smallest of the three cinemas in the Filmhouse.The main starts of The ProgramThey’re all there – the central characters we remember and love from the sprawling multi-act opera which played out before us just a few short years ago. Lance is played by Ben Foster who captures the Texan’s brash,...

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