Pezcyclingnews: Giro’15: The Pez Preview

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    Saturday is the big day in Italy for cycling fans, the Giro d’Italia launches its self down the start ramp in Sanremo for the first Grand Tour of the 2015 season. Ed Hood takes a close look at the most important stages and riders and talks to Giro virgin Calvin Watson. Giro time baby!The Pink Race, some say its better than a certain race in France we say vive la difference and love them both. But there is something about the Giro, all that pink, the scenery, the tifosi, the best cappuccino and theres no doubt that the Italian organisational vibe is just a little less janitorial than that on the other side of the Alps.We do this Giro preview in numbers one, seven and four; one young man riding his first Giro, the seven key stages and the four men who can win.As always the tifosi will be out in their thousandsTo commence our look at the 2015 Giro we thought you might like to hear what a young man lining up for his first Giro has to say about the event that will dominate the next month of his life. We spoke to Treks Calvin Watson back at the start of 2014 on the eve of his joining the World Tour Circus so we thought it would be a good idea to speak to him on the eve of riding one of the greatest shows on earth.Debuttante:How long have you known youd be riding the Giro, Calvin?“Ive been...

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