Pezcyclingnews: Giro Roadside: Mortirolo Looms Large!


Jan 3, 2005
Ed Hood and Martin Williamson have hit the Italian soil running, only in the country for a handful of hours and they have sorted their creds, seen tomorrow’s route, inspected the bikes and sent us the first words and photos. The productive pair will be on the Mortirolo tomorrow, here is the story so far:You know you’re in La Bella Italia when – you can buy a Lambo at the airport.Nice!It was 03:00 am when the BlackBerry went into spasms beside the bed; “wake up, Ed!”The taxi driver was cool; we both agreed that the roads in Edinburgh were beyond bad and before I knew it, there was Martin waiting patiently at the airport. His father-in-law gave him a run up from Peebles; a cautious man, he decreed that Martin should be there; “in plenty of time, you never know what might happen. . .The flight wasn’t too sore and the views of the Alps were stunning.First up, purchase La Gazzetta Dello Sport, full colour with eight pages of Giro news. But just a postage stamp picture on the front page to acknowledge Landa’s gift from Alberto – but that’s how it is in Italia. They don’t like these foreigners winning their tappas – even if he is Fabio’s team mate.Inside the main picture tells a story; Contador in his best, ‘riding down to the paper shop’ pose gives the photographer the thumbs up as he grabs the bonus seconds – Aru trails, head hung low. Along the top of...

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