Pezcyclingnews: Interbike 2015 Round #6


Jan 3, 2005
We’re gettin’ down to the bottom of our Interbike 2015 coverage but there’s still plenty to drool over, like Al Bikewear, Cinelli bikes, Cadence Collection clothing, Devinci cycles, and Scott’s Addict Gravel bike and Premium Road Shoe. AL BIKEWEAREntering just their second full season, Al Bikewear are no longer the new kids on the block. And don’t worry that many of you haven’t seen their name before – company owners APG have been in thecycling apparel biz for 30 years, making top tier gear for many brands – some of whichyou’ve already worn.The Interbike show floor is awash in cycling clothing brands – personally I’d think twice beforegetting into this category because there are so many brands vying for consumer attention –quality and price points run thefull gamut from ultra cheap to over thetop expensive – there really is so much for every tastethat in order to make a mark, you can’t just be good – you gotta be very good – (‘amazing’ doesn’t hurt either) – and that’s still no guarantee you’ll catch consumer attention.The PRR line (stands for Pro Road Race) is what Al’s pro sponsored teams ride (including the Al-Cipollini women’s team). Fit, construction, and details are geared for long hours in thesaddle– I really like the anatomically shaped gripper-band that anchors thefront of their jerseys. Womens bibs will run $150 and jerseys $150.But after riding Ale’s PRR and Klimatik lines (see my Klimatik review here) over the past 12 months, I’ll confirmthat they’re turning out very high...

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