Pezcyclingnews: Lee’s Giro Roundup Lowdown


Jan 3, 2005
The best or craziest Grand Tour of the year (so far) has finished and just like previous stages; it had a rabbit up its sleeve. Lee Rodgers take a good look at the final week and gives us his usual unique view on the 2015 Giro d’Italia. The Roundup of the lowdown.Shocking, confusing and just plain wrong. I dont know if Ill ever recover. Im not talking about Astanas attack on the Maglia Rosa when he had to change wheels, nor Contadors ***-for-tat revenge surge when Landa got stuck behind a crash, nor about the price Sky are asking for Richie Portes caravan on Ebay.The palaver Im on about was on Oleg Tinkovs head.Pink hair Oleg… really?Tinkovs hair was so shock-worthy that it sent Colle della Finestre-size shockwaves through the cycling world and almost broke Twitter. Hes not shy that one is he? Or was he just sending a coded message to Bjarne Riis?Their kissing days are overI was walking past a hairdressers after we ate dinner on the penultimate day, they had a Silver Citizen special, pink for 50% off, so I went for it, he didnt say that, but I really wish he had. Just another bizarre event in just about the most bizarre Grand Tour in years. Possibly ever?We should start with the Contador vs. Landa debate. Why not Aru? I think we all know who really came second here and I also am convinced Aru would never have won two stages nor come second overall if...

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