Pezcyclingnews: lee’s lowdown: change in the us & giro to japan!


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Apr 13, 2018
US Cycling is under new management and the Giro d’Italia is planning to start in Japan, just the sort of fodder for Lee Rodgers to get his teeth into and give us his Lowdown. In Lee’s eyes the change in the US can only be a good thing, but could the Giro money not be spent in a better way, what about the Giro Rosa? Theres not been much reason to cheer for USA Cycling in recent years, what with the dubious (Im being polite here) Steve Johnson having been at the helm since 2006 till early this year but new CEO Derek Bouchard-Hall and his staff have just ushered in something that is very much worth applauding. Derek Bouchard-Hall (left), not a bad riderFor the start of the 2016 racing season, several measures are being brought in that will effectively increase the number of doping tests for amateur racers. The cost will be carried in part by the riders themselves, with a $3 increase on the previous $70 for a one year license. International Elite and Pro License appliqus will have to pay a $50 surcharge, which will be also directed towards anti-doping efforts. Bouchard-Hall tells a tale of first going into the Cycling USA HQ when he was appointed CEO and seeing images on the walls of the Great American Dopers: they were all there, Leipheimer, Julich, Armstrong, Hincapie.Julich and Hamilton, US Olympic medalists Those are symbols of an appalling past and appalling behavior, and even though I...

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