Pezcyclingnews: Lee’s Lowdown: Danny Pate, Let’s Talk About Him!


Jan 3, 2005
Sky rider Danny Pate is off to ride for the Optum team in 2016 and he has always been outspoken against doping, so Lee Rodgers said: “lets talk about him.” A ‘clean American’ rider from the last generation of racers is quite unique and so his opinion should be listened too, but he seems to have started a war of words. The Lowdown on Danny Pate. START Tweet:Great Tweet about USPSAh, Danny Pate. Have to confess, I had never even heard of him until a year ago when someone mentioned the clean American riding for Team Sky. My interest was piqued. I searched around a bit for info on him and discovered a witty bunch of tweets aimed at dopers, one in particular, proving that the old adage ignorance is bliss does not always hold true. A ProTour rider who combined a sense of outrage at dopers with a sharp mind and a sense of humor? Surely not. We havent seen the like sinceI think you follow me. Were getting into unicorn territory here.Pate, a rider facing a different direction That one rider in particular that Pate aimed his arrows at was Tom Danielson, his former teammate, the same rider who joined Jonathan Vaughters’ team with a grand old fanfare that had the subtitle Hey look at us! Were all clean! except, ah, they werent. This is the same Tom Danielson who was outed by Vaughters when it was blindingly clear to him that he could not hide the fact...

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