Pezcyclingnews: Lee’s Lowdown: Froome, Watts & The Death Of Romance


Jan 3, 2005
Today’s Lowdown starts with Chris Froome’s ride in the Critrium du Dauphin, but in Lee’s unique style he moves from Froome to wattage output and onto the psychology of the power of the yellow jersey and “maximal strength”. Power meters, are they an asset? Lee thinks it’s a good job Hillary and Tenzing were not wired for watts on Mount Everest.And look at Froome here as we near the summit, hes looking down and then looking up, a long look ahead, he does this usually just before he attacks, is there one coming soon that will test van Garderens resolve?So babbled the commentator on the last stage of the recent Critrium du Dauphin, in a near frenzy at finally having something to talk about after several hours of not much going on at all.A look ahead before an attackThankless task that, commentating on live cycling as so little goes on for so long, I really should be kinder to them. And it could be worse yesterday I watched on TV the last 20km of an Ironman (yes I still do not know how this happened) taking place in Australia. Talk about dull. Waiting for route canal surgery in July in a dentists room with a broken air conditioner in Phoenix would be more fun. Lets talk about the leaders choice of shoelaces now BrianNo, lets not please, unless theyre long enough to strangle you with, Peter. But back to Va Va Froome and his long look up from his stem....

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