Pezcyclingnews: Lee’s Lowdown: Tech Trouble!


Jan 3, 2005
New bike, new kit or new wheels, all great things to lift your motivation for a ride. The problem that Lee Rodgers has on his ride is not the ‘bling’ but the modern technology, well, any technology. Electric gears, tubeless tires and power meters are all there just to wind Lee up and ruin a good bike ride.Last weeks ride started off promisingly enough. I was bedecked in my new 2016 PEZ kit, had on my recently purchased and very sparkly white Sidis, my sunglasses from my sponsor 720 Armour had arrived the previous afternoon (shameless plug, yes) and I think I might even have brushed my teeth before I left the house.New white sidis, not just for Esteban ChavesIt was an auspicious start. Heck, Id even washed my bike the night before. I say my bike but actually I was on a friends bike, a Focus Max Izalco that Id had to borrow for one reason or another. Id ridden an Izalco before, its a great bike, truly underrated, and was excited this time to try out the much-vaunted Shimano Di2 over an extended period. I was also on tubeless tires for the first time on a road bike, testing some wheels for a manufacturer.I had that new-bike excitement coursing through my veins, a feeling Im thankful to say I get every time I try out something new. Feeling bright and chipper, this, I knew deep in my bones, was gonna be a great ride.The new PEZ kit– You...

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