Pezcyclingnews: Lee’s Lowdown: The Post Season Blues!


Jan 3, 2005
The road season has come to an end, but not to worry, Lee Rodgers is here to lighten the mood and chase away those post-season blues. Lee takes us on a roller-coaster journey from the latest Lance Armstrong machinations, through the Taiwan KOM Challenge, onto the ride of the season and a surprisingly a big finish with car free cities in the future. A full bag of lowdown. Here they come, the post-season blues, like a squad car full of cops arriving to bust up an underage drinking party, miserable at the thought of you daring to enjoy yourself with the carelessness of youth whilst they, world weary and disgruntled, plod on through the stark reality they call life. There is no reasoning with either and both must be endured. For me the off season means writing articles like this, when I am pressed to write about not much in particular in as entertaining a way as possible to try to ensure that you lot are at least mildly amused. And so, with not a great deal going on in the world of pro cycling outside of Lance Armstrong spilling his beans all over Tom Wiesels back and another dollop on Ochowiczs shoes, lets look at a few different snippets in this weeks Lowdown.Armstrong & OchowiczFirst up is a sneaky little preview of the Taiwan KOM Challenge, a race that I work on as the Communications Manager, responsible for bringing in the foreign media and international riders. PEZs very own...

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