Pezcyclingnews: Lee’s Lowdown: The Pre-tour Hullabaloo


Jan 3, 2005
At last it’s Tour time baby! So it is also time for Lee Rodgers to give us his lowdown on the up and coming French Grand Tour and look back at how the Tour inspired him to get out on a bike in his local mountains. The dream of a Tour win will have got most of us into bike riding, but eventually most of us can only dream of getting home in time from work watch the Tour on TV….Lee’s Tour Lowdown:Wipe clean your TV screens, get the Belgian beers in the fridge and de-grease your suspension of disbelief: Le Tour is coming to town. The worlds most epic sporting event is back again, with its accompanying circus of journalists and commentators, its blaring, garish caravan heralding its imminent arrival and the sea of onlookers who holler and hoot as it rolls by. What does it mean though, the ‘Tour de France’? Much like the Olympics, its reputation is not what it once was. Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, weve had a peek behind the curtain. Weve had the veil lifted, been exposed to the dirty machinations of the men previously lauded and paraded as our champions and heroes, culminating in the fall of Lance Armstrong and revelations of doping on the team bus as fans milled about outside. Before we knew…Weve had our eyes opened and our minds blown by the blas attitudes to chemical cheating and blood doping and been shocked by the depth and...

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