Pezcyclingnews: Matt’s Taiwan Kom Challenge


Jan 3, 2005
The Taiwan KOM Challenge is an utterly unique experience. Each year the prestige and mystique of this 105 kilometer event boasting over 3275m of elevation gain continues to grow. For this fourth edition our intrepid Coach Matt McNamara set out to tackle the beast. . .Standing next to my bike 80 kilometers into this journey of a thousand deaths, I fear I have reached my limit. The last 8 kilometers have taken forty-five minutes and brought me only 1,477 feet (448m) closer to the summit. There are still over 3,200 feet left to climb and just over 2 hours to make the six-hour time cut imposed by race officials. This was not the plan.Over the past four years the Taiwan KOM Challenge has built itself a reputation as one of the most imposing climbs in the World. Fully 105 kilometers of nearly non-stop climbing that rises from sea level to over 10,300 feet (3275m) with numerous pitches above 15%, a final 10 kilometers that averages better than 10%, and touching, albeit briefly, 27% in once section, it is a challenge that gives pause to even the most ardent climbing enthusiast. That it aspires to become the KOM of KOMs is not a grandiose dream, but rather a goal near in the making, for each year the legend of The Taiwan KOM Challenge grows.Just Before The Turn To Taroko GorgeHours back from my low point, as we turned left onto the main road up Toroko Gorge, I was at the front...

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