Pezcyclingnews: Pez Interviews: Anthony Mccrossan At Il Giro


Jan 3, 2005
Hes been called the “international voice of cycling” by one of the sports top pros, and has become a key part of the daily spectacle of the sport. I talked to Anthony McCrossan about life as the Giros first English-speaking roadside commentator.Ive known Anthony for several years now, going back to his ground floor involvement with, where one of his jobs was calling races on the then startup cycling channel. In 2012 he was hired by the RCS as the first English-speaking commentator to host festivities at the start and finish towns – where he worked the stage at rider sign-on, and then the finish lines broadcasting to anyone within earshot of the finish line everything going on that day.Italian is by far the first language here, and outside of bigger cities its still hard to find people who speak English, but the sports worldwide audience, and the RCSs determination to grow the Giro beyond Italy prompted them to reach out to the worlds English speaking fans.Anthony has one of the more interesting jobs in the race, so we sat down ahead of the stage 1 TTT in Sanremo to find out more.Pez: Tell me exactly what is your job here on the Giro?Anthony: The Italians would describe me as a speaker – so Im the English speaker of the Giro dItalia. My role has evolved – this is the fourth year Ive done it.You took a photo of me after my first Giro in Milan – and I...

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