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Jan 3, 2005
Ritchey’s Carbon Break-Awayis a full sized road framedesigned for easy travel, but it’s an impressive performer that could easily become a daily ride. It’s built to perform at levels most of us will love, delivering a level of comfort to take on the longest epic, with handling and speed to keep you inthehunt at your local club race. Ritchey’s Carbon Break-Away is their firstfull carbon road frame – and theONLY carbon road frame in their line up. It’s sold as a frameset only, and they don’t even offer a non-breakaway carbon road frame, nor do they plan to (at least as of this writing) – an intended statement to show just how much they believein the breakaway concept.There’s nothing as pretty as a freshly built bike, just waiting for that first ride.Anyone who’s been around cycling since the80’s pretty much knows about Tom Ritchey – he was part of that small crop of adventurers along with Joe Breeze, Charlie Kelly, Gary Fisher and few others who basically invented mountain biking. As a cyclist, and as an inventor, Tom Ritchey fully pursued his passion and began first building some of thebest mountain bikes around (in themid-1980’s I saved up about $1000 to buy a top of the line Ritchey Montare in cherry red painted full chromoly steel – it was also offered in a forest green -). He started a company that’s evolved into developing specialized components for off-road, and road cycling. His designs have always been known for high quality, good...

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