Pezcyclingnews: Pez Rides The Flanders Sportif!

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    The Tour of Flanders or Ronde van Vlaanderen – however you call this race in your household it’s a legendary event. The steep nasty bergs, the cobbles, the weather, the passion of the fans – it’s classics racing at its best. Every year before the pros put on their big show, thousands of amateurs get their chance to strut their stuff on these mythical roads and in 2012 the Pez himself was lined up amongst them to experience it all himself. Here’s his story from that magical day.The Tour of Flanders defines this region, and for many fans it defines the Spring Classics themselves, but the race would be almost nothing without its steep nasty bergs, and of course the cobbles. Countless words have been written by countless scribes to describe, explain, and understand the essence of the cobblestone, and why its so important to our sport. Im not sure how much I can add to the dialogue, but I do believe theyre something different for each of us. This was my first time back to the northern Classics since 2004, when I rode the Flanders Cyclosportif also for the first time. Back then Id only done the shorter 75km route, and ever since have regretted not manning-up and doing the 140km course.Regardless of my questionable fitness (my longest training ride was about 68km) I was ready to rock the 140km course, confident that the adrenalin of the day, the fresh roads, and that reward of a frosty Belgian beer...

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