Pezcyclingnews: Pez Roadside: Tour Of Britain Hits Edinburgh


Jan 3, 2005
Tour of Britain Roadside: The Tour of Britain kicked-off stage 4 to Blyth from Edinburgh’s Holyrood Park in the shadow of Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags next to the royal residence of Holyrood Palace and only minutes walk from Edinburgh Old Town. It was just too local for Ed Hood not to get down there and soak up the atmosphere and take in the sights.I wasnt feeling too clever on Wednesday but its not every day there are World Tour buses parked a mile or two up the road so I grabbed the trusty Nikon and headed for town.I abandoned the motor and launched a surprise attack through the old lane of Croft An Righ; despite the rundown state of the sign, it means Royal Fields they used to use those white glazed bricks to brighten the dark alleys of Edinburgh and Glasgow but they lost their shine long ago.I did consider a link between Royal Fields and Cycling Royalty in the shape of Sir Brad but decided against it Vik, Ivan and Dave would give me too much grief!The usual view across the park is usually joggers, snoggers or picnickers but the Sky bus looked just fine, I have to admit.Were lucky in Edinburgh, right in the heart of the city is the extinct volcano known as Arthurs Seat and its tail Salisbury Crags which form the centre piece of the Queens Park, a beautiful area for walks with stunning views across the city and River Forth.If the Giro...

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