Pezcyclingnews: Pez Roadside: Tour Of Britain London Final


Jan 3, 2005
Just like Ed in Edinburgh, we couldn’t let the Tour of Britain pass through London without sending our local corespondent, Sam Larner, to get in amongst the fans for the final stage 8. As it turned out there was such a big crowd he had difficulty seeing much of the race, but he did soak up the party atmosphere in the English capital.Tour of Britain Roadside: I watched the first of the new incarnation of the Tour of Britain in 2004 as a 12 year old and I loved it but I could tell that there was a big difference between it and the Tour de France. In the following 11 years I’ve visited at least one stage on all but 2 of the editions but it’s fair to say that I’ve never really been enamoured by the race. Britain has got the terrain and the cycling fans to sustain the week long race every year but it seems that the race organisers are content to create a fairly dull route that suits the money men, the development agencies, at the expense of real cycling fans.One consistently positive thing about the race is the final stage in London. Previously we’ve been treated to a split stage containing a morning time trial and an afternoon criterium. This year the final day only consisted of the criterium on a re-designed course in central London. The course finished next to Piccadilly Circus and headed west along the famous shopping hub of Regent’s Street...

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