Pezcyclingnews: Pez Talk: Betsy Andreu


Jan 3, 2005
We have all heard of Betsy Andreu; whistle blower who wouldn’t and couldn’t go against her conscience when she was faced by a mountain of public opinion, money and power. In the end it has been proved she was right all along. We catch-up with Betsy to hear about her life away from the ‘Armstrong Affair’ and what her feelings are now towards the Texan.It rumbles on, “the Armstrong Affair.”One of the central characters is Betsy Andreu, wife of ex-Lance team mate, Frankie. We thought it was high time someone asked her some questions about her – not just; ‘what did Lance actually say?’PEZ: How did you meet Frankie?Betsy Andreu: A mutual friend asked me if I wanted to go out for pizza with a couple of her friends I didn’t know. I had been madly in love with someone who dumped me a couple of weeks earlier. I was picking up the pieces when I met Frankie. I wasn’t looking for love by any means; I wanted to be alone!Frankie will tell you it was love at first sight for him. For me, I was skeptical. There was that something, that spark but I was burned and wasn’t going to let that happen again. When I first met him I thought he was cute but gay (“not that there’s anything wrong with that” a la Seinfeld) he was so skinny. I’m happy to report for my sake that he’s not gay.PEZ: Did you realize what the wife of a...

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