Pezcyclingnews: Pez Talk: Track Showman Nate Koch


Jan 3, 2005
When Ed hood was working at the new London Six Day last month, he met up with one of the flash guys of the wooden boards; Nate Koch. He’s fast and he’s a showman, what more could you ask for on the indoor track circuit? Ed spoke to the big sprinter to find out the background story. Showmen the sport needs them but theyre thin on the ground in these politically correct days. But fear not, weve found one. US sprinter Nate Koch is the man; maybe not the absolute fastest kid on the block but the crowd at the London Six Day loved him and he does sneak away for the win now and again. It does take its toll on race jerseys, though hes prone to ripping them off, Incredible Hulk style, if he gets the win.We just had to have a word . . .PEZ: You’re from an athletics background – how come you’re on them boards, Nate?Nate Koch: I was a decathlete for many years and it took its toll on my body. After so many injuries I knew it was time to try something easier on the body. While still going fast that is. . .One of Nate’s first track races, in 2011, at the Encino VelodromePEZ: How did you get the London ride?I had a pretty good performance in the Berlin Six Day last year and the organizers thought the UK crowd would want to see some more Nater! PEZ: what did you think...

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