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Jan 3, 2005
Polar was the pioneer in portable heart rate monitors, and their systems have kept improving through the years. Their new V800 is the perfect storm of function, design, software, and usability. I spent the past three months using it intensively, and it is not coming off my wrist any time soon.V800 StylingWith the V800, Polar opted for the full monty in terms of making it obviously a sports watch yet maximizing its fashion sense. It is big and chunky in its styling, but not in an ugly way (personal tastes differ of course). I was visiting friends the past week and got numerous comments on the cool styling of the watch when they didnt know it was a heart rate monitor, so its probably not just my imagination that Polar has a nice looking piece of kit on its hands.You also have the option of a variety of watch face styles to pick from, including an analog view. My personal favourite is the big number watch face to go with the big watch styling.The V800 features a metal body with a gorilla glass face, and it has been resistant to any scuffing or scratching so far despite constant use. The rubbery watch band is wide and very adjustable across a wide range of wrist sizes. I deliberately chose the blue over the black option to test for discolouration, fading, or scuffing, but have found nothing with 24/7 wear over 2 months.Watch Ergonomics and DurabilityThe trademark Polar red button has now...

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