Pezcyclingnews: Photog’s View: The Holy Week Of Cross!


Jan 3, 2005
The cyclo-cross season is upon us and what better way to celebrate than a ‘Photog’s View’ from Angelica and Travis Dixon from the Holy Week of cyclo-cross in New England. The Gran Prix of Gloucester and the Providence KMC Cyclocross Festival are the biggest cyclo-cross events of the season – The Holy Week of Cross: – Photos by Angelica Dixon, Words by Travis Dixon –Pro Men, KMC Cyclocross Festival, Providence, Rhode IslandThe Holy Week of Cross, actually spans 10 days, but you get the idea, is comprised on six races over four different locations in New England. Angelica and I were excited to make the ‘pilgrimage’ to the marque events during this Holy Week.Gran Prix of Gloucester, Gloucester, MassachusettsProvidenceThe biggest cyclocross events of the season, Gran Prix of Gloucester and Providence KMC Cyclocross Festival, provided back to back weekends of racing. Gloucester has the heritage but Providence has the higher UCI ranking. Regardless, the racing was full on with the cross mad New England fans, drinking it up.KMC Cyclocross Festival, Providence, Rhode IslandProvidenceTruly, the heart of cross in the states is in New England and the fans know their cyclists. Walking around the events it was fascinating to hear the fans talk about their favorite racers, their form coming into the races, how the races would play out…Katie Compton, Gran Prix of Gloucester, Gloucester, MassachusettsGloucester brought beautiful sun and dry conditions making the courses a dust fest with riders ending their days looking more like coal miners than cyclists. The...

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