Pezcyclingnews: Retro Liege: Sean Kelly Talks


Jan 3, 2005
His stats for Liege read like this: 1979, 20th: 1981, 11th: 1982, 10th: 1984, 1st: 1985, 4th: 1986, 12th: 1987, 20th; 1988, 5th: 1989, 1st good enough to tell us a little about La Doyenne? Yeah, we thought so too: PEZ talked to Sean Kelly about the oldest, and many would say the hardest of the monuments. Ed interviewed Sean for this piece a couple of years ago now but hearing about La Doyenne from a man who has ridden and won it on multiple occasions is always worth another read.PEZ: What makes Liege-Bastogne-Liege so special, Sean?Sean: Its a clean race and it goes through nice countryside, there are no cobbles and dirt; not like Flanders and Roubaix where some of the parcours are pretty horrible. Flanders and Roubaix are great races but they are running fights too, in Flanders you have to fight to be in the front for the climbs and in Roubaix you have to fight to be first to the stones. Liege is much more of a wearing-down process, theres a constant, slow elimination through the back door as the weak quietly slip away as the race goes on and on. Another thing about it is that there tends to be fewer crashes, so its a bit safer than Flanders or Roubaix. Anderson attacks while Kelly follows a few wheels back.PEZ: Was the course much the same in the 80s as it is now?Sean: Pretty much so, but the big difference is in the finale, its...

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