Pezcyclingnews: Sea Otter Gear €15: Round 1


Jan 3, 2005
The 2015 Sea Otter Classic was another sunny wonderland of gear surrounded by non-stop racing. While I wish for rain every day that Im not in Monterey, sun is all I want while Im there. Here’s Round 1 of our gear coverage from the 2015 Sea Otter Classic: W Cup Nutrition, Parlee Z-Zero Cross disc, Lazer Blade and glasses, Elite Candea bottle, Velo saddles and Panaracer Gravel King tires.Perhaps the best find for me from a selfish and personal perspective was the introduction of W Cup to the US through Stage Race Distribution.While there is no shortage of product specific energy bar specialists or drink powder specialists or drink flask specialists or prerace meal specialists or gel specialists, W Cup are a broad line company with VERY good products through the range of specialties.They have a great barGreat real fruit gel stuffDrink powders in small and large and medium containersDrink squeezy thingsW Cup also have a host of things that are not typical like energy cakes (with a taste and texture that doesnt make you feel like youre eating what will become an unpassable colon blockage).As well as small turbo booster gels that have a large dose of caffeine, prerace meal mix (just add water) in a few flavors that are stacked with good stuff in fairly high concentration, protein shakes with variable flavors and content, wake up shots, and recovery mixes.And heres the thingMost of this stuff is very digestible as a priority.Ive used their products for years and...

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